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how much slope should you have on a concrete porch

how much slope should you have on a concrete porch

how much slope should you have on a concrete porch

Porch Guide - The Platform - by Vintage Woodworks ,This will be much more traditional than a concrete porch and we think much more , you should design your porch so that , a slope from the back of the porch ,

Concrete Porch Slope - Building & Construction - DIY

What is code for the slope away from the house for a concrete porch? There is no code, per se, that I've ever seen, but the industry standard on concrete is ''typically'' 1/4'' per foot on exterior flatwork. Certainly 1/8'' per foot is the absolute minimum. If it's a covered porch, it's usually

How to Slope a Concrete Patio for Drainage |

If you need to add a slope to a previously built concrete platform, you should still use wooden forms, like 2x4s, in order to make sure that the concrete lays evenly. Dig out the edges alongside your patio, and pound these into place.

How Much Should Concrete Fall?| Concrete Construction

Q: What is a good rule of thumb for the fall (or slope) on exterior flatwork? I've heard both 1/8 inch per foot and 1/4 inch per foot. I've heard both 1/8 inch per foot and 1/4 inch per foot. A: It depends on the application.

How Much Slope You Need Near a House in Land Grading

To do land grading properly, you must first know how much slope you need to have away from the house foundation. The consensus seems to be that a good slope to aim for when grading land extending out from a house foundation is about 6 inches for the first 10 feet (that translates to a ''slope'' of 5 percent).

How to Make a Slope for Water Runoff Using Pavers | Home

A simple way to check the slope is to lay a 4-foot level on the ground and raise one end up 1/2 inch. Mark the bubble location on the level and use it as a guide on the patio surface.

how much slope should you have on a concrete porch

How much slope should a patio have? , Askville,For a patio that is 10 feet long, how many inches should it slope from front to back? , Concrete Patio Slope. Any Type: Stone, Brick, Concrete. Get Free Patio , One,quarter inch of drop per foot of length is usually sufficient.

Proper Deck Slope - Forum - Bob Vila

Hi Paul, I have had good luck using 1/4''/foot. This would drop the deck 2 1/2'' over 10 feet. Not too much I think, but enough to get rid of all the water .Mark Hammond

How much pitch in porch floor? | Fine Homebuilding | Breaktime

IMHO, absolutely should be pitched. Also, floorboards should be run perpendicular to porch edge. Some folks say 1/4 inch per foot, but I think you can get away with half that for a covered porch if it is set carefully. Why pitch? 1) Standing water=puddles, mildew, algae, and rot. Even synthetics get mildew and algae.

Proper pitch for Patio | Fine Homebuilding | Breaktime

Buddy of mine had a stone patio put in last Friday and the contractor pitched the patio 1/2 - 3/4'' per foot. He's not happy with the slope and asked what the norm was. I've seen 1/8 - 1/4'' but thought 1/2 - 3/4'' was a lot.

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